Privacy Policy

Timleg regards the protection and the confidentiality of your data as very important. We store your personal data in accordance of the EU laws for data protection.

You can use the isoTimer product both with and without registering. Full synchronization of the app is only provided if you are a registered user. In order to register, you must provide your email address and select a password. We require these data in order to guarantee that you have unique and private access to the product.

You have the choice to register via your own email or via an existing Google+ account. This account can provide a proxy for sign in. Only your email address is stored from this process.

The central function of isoTimer is the management of tasks, events, notes and goals. On the web version, this data is directly stored on our servers. On the client apps, this data is stored in a local database. Only if you enable synchronization between devices, this data will be stored in our servers. In the client apps you will be able to use the product both online and offline.

If you use isoTimer in combination with a registered account, all data that you enter will be integrated into a database. The purpose of this database is to allow you to use isoTimer from different devices from anywhere and at any time. Your data is transmitted to the server using TLS encryption so that your data is transmitted securely.

None of your data will be transferred to third parties without letting you know in advance or without asking for your prior permission. The only exception is under the requirement of criminal investigation.

The data is stored for the exact intended purpose of the application. You have complete access over your data at any time and can also request to delete all your data if necessary.

The web version of isoTimer stores cookies in order to be able to remember your login information on a given device. You can disable cookies without negatively affecting behavior of the app.

If you sign in via Google, your Google email address will be used to identify your isoTimer account. All of the Google authorisations are used exactly in the way that they are intended: In the app, if you turn on Google Calendar Sync, your Google events will be synchronized with the isoTimer app. A copy of your Google events will be stored in the isoTimer database in order to guarantee a seamless app experience. If you attach a file, you will be asked to sign into Google to allow the selection of files from Google Drive. None of these files are stored in our database, the items are only associated with a link to the file on the Google Drive website.

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy. The current version of the Privacy Policy is available at any time at: Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about data protection, you are welcome to also contact us by email at this email address: